Kilpisjärvi, 8th of April 2016
_One of these mornings, after a cold night, the birches seem to
wear little bud-mirrors at the edge of their branches. It reminded
me about this (and linked for few seconds the lap lake and the thaï
_Thank you Ars Bioarctica residency for having me and the research 
by the lake! And kiitos auroras borealis and billions-of-stars nights,
sparkling cryosphere, high golden eagel, Malla and Saana placid
siblings, biting polar winds, sleepy fog and bluest skies and hours
ever, warm boots and loyal woolen socks, resisting hairy birches,
hidden and sought reindeers and weasels… this will be remembered
for a long time! And the best luck for the next ones!

The residency-period is coming to an end. The movements of the embodied zooming and distancing are leaving substantial traces for the on-going research.  I think this experience will echo in my research for a long time.

I wish all the best for the residency and the artists coming here; thank you and hope to see you some day again!



Kilpisjärvi, 7th of April 2016
_The Skene Expedition (Part II - Kilpis Lake) 

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Kilpisjärvi, 5th of April 2016
_The Skene Expedition (Part I - Saana Fell) 

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Kilpisjärvi, 5th of April, 12:30
_Unfogging. The Skene Expedition can leave the basecamp.


Kilpisjärvi, 5th of April, 8:30 am
_Fog. Skene Expedition deferred until clearance.


Kilpisjärvi, 4th of April 2016
_Skene ready to be installed tomorrow morning on the stage 
on the slope of Saana Fell. Wind forecast promising. Just 
light breeze.


Kilpisjärvi, 3rd of April 2016
_Paras (1419 m)

This morning the transforming luster shaped by the edges of shadow and light turned the lake Kilpisjärvi into moving thresholds. I took the poles and started to chase and mark the circulating thresholds. Videowork done.




Kilpisjärvi, 3rd of April 2016, Midnight
_"Greet the king with a welcoming expression in your eyes, your  
hands, and your words. You should look like an innocent flower,  
but be like the snake that hides underneath the flower."