Lake Kilpisjärvi 2017 Image by Tiina Prittinen
What's New
Popu Popu: Power to the Populations
Adam Zaretsky, Helen Chandler, Blu Zaretsky, Kira deCoudres, Hege Tapio and Marita Isobel Solberg July 2-20, 2018 Popu popu collective brings...
Arizona State University BioArt Course: from the Sonoran Desert to the Arctic
The science and art students from Arizona State University had a wonderful and productive visit to Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in June. The...
Leah Beeferman - current artist in Ars Bioarctica Residency
Since last week, Finnish Bioart Society and Biological Station in Kilpisjarvi are hosting Leah Beeferman, visual artist from New York City, at Ars...
Arizona State University - group project in Kilpisjärvi
In few days, the group of students from Arizona State University led by Professor Richard Lerman and Professor Becky Ball, will start their...
Elizabeth McTernan - exhibition and project from Ars Bioarctica Residency
Bioart Society is delighted to share the research of Elizabeth McTernan, an artist-in-residence at Ars Bioarctica Residency in 2017 who presented...
Random Forests Group - artists in residency in Ars Bioarctica
Ars Bioarctica Residency is currently hostingRandom Forests Group which will work on their project until next week. Random Forest Groupis a...
WhiteFeather Hunter - artist in residency in Ars Bioarctica
Ars Bioarctica Residency has a pleasure to host WhiteFeather Hunteras new artists in residency in the Biological Station in Kilpisjarvi. For the...
Open Call for Field_Notes - Ecology of Senses
Field_Notes – Ecology of Senses is an art&science field laboratory organized by the Bioart Society at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in...

The Bioart Society is the motor behind Ars Bioarctica which is a long term art&science initiative with a focus on the Arctic environment which was started in autumn 2008 in Kilpisjärvi. The activities of Ars Bioarctica encompass the development and implementation of courses, workshops, lectures, conferences and seminars, exhibitions, an artists in residency programme, the establishment of national and international relations as well as the production of works, promotion of Finnish artists and publishing of related material.

The Bioart Society

The Bioartsociety is an association based in Helsinki with more than 80 members from Finland and other countries. It was established in May 2008 at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in Lapland. The Bioartsociety is developing, producing and facilitating activities around art and natural sciences, with an emphasis on biology, ecology and life sciences. Together with the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station of the University of Helsinki it runs Ars Bioarctica, an art&science program with focus on the sub-arctic environment.

Office and postal address

Suomen Biotaiteen Seura ry / Finnish Bioart Society
Kaasutehtaankatu 1
FI-00540 Helsinki