Hannah Wiker Wikström travelling to The North Escaping residency
posted by Milla Millasnoore on 1 July 2024

Hannah Wiker Wikström will be travelling to Kilpisjärvi Biological Station for The North Escaping residency on 15th July 2024, accompanied by Kim Ekberg and Ilya Wikström.

During her time in Kilpisjärvi, Wikström will continue an ongoing research on post-industrial heritage (and the so-called "new green energy") in a nordic context through the prism of fetal-maternal microchimerism and the troubling of time and scale; in search of figures, relations, rhythms and spaces able to host this implosion of time-space-matter where bodies, landscape, time and matter constantly pass through each other.

This research will be implemented in the working process of the short film Nebulae Nebulae and an installation of sculptures with cinematic qualities, not yet titled. The short film is also supported by Swedish Art Council.

Nebulae Nebulae is a film-in-becoming on emotional work, searching for vocabularies and relations recognizing the impact of our parallel global and local contexts, simultaneously known and unknown histories as well as the obscured processes we are constantly part of in inseparable micro and macro levels. What does it mean to engage with transcorporeal collaborations in a time built away from forming any such relations? How to navigate these questions in the ongoing act of reproducing common perception and sensation formation? The sculptures will form an experimental installation based on the encounter between choreographed physical material in different types of change processes, landscapes and human bodies. The installation starts from a time-space of waiting, holding and dissolving at the same time.

Hannah Wiker Wikström is a Swedish artist, filmmaker and facilitator of pedagogies. She holds a master's degree in Fine Arts from KHIO in Oslo and Konstfack in Stockholm. With a history of collective processes, Hannah's work circles between film, text, performance and performative installations, exploring queer, new materialist and posthumanist approaches in relation to form and aesthetics, spatiality and temporality. Hannah is a co-founder of several collective platforms such as Post Post, Omställning Skärholmen, Glada Sprutan and Eternal spring – sites for art and ecology. Previous work has been shown at several sites and film festivals, such as Oberhausen Kurtzfilmtage, Malmö Konsthall, CHART Art Fair, SALTS, Intercultural museum in Oslo, among others.