20 May — 12 Nov 2017

Oulu Museum of Art

The SPLICE re_examining Nature international exhibition produced by Finnish Bioart Society and the Oulu Art Museum focuses its gaze on our...
26 Nov 2016

Helsinki, Finland

The workshop is part of the Hybrid_MattersSymposium, and took place at Forumbox Helsinki and was held by Asa Stahl and Kristina Lindstrom. How do...
24 — 25 Nov 2016

Theatre Academy, Helsinki, Finland

HYBRID MATTERs investigates hybrid ecologies, the convergence of our environment with technology and essentially the intentional and unintentional...
HYBRID MATTERs exhibition Forumbox
24 Nov — 18 Dec 2016

Helsinki, Finland

The exhibition took place at Forum Box with: participating artists: Hanna Husberg FI/SW, Lawrence Malstaf BE/NO, Laura Belof FI/DK, Jonas...
HYBRID MATTERs exhibition Nikolaj Kunsthal
19 May — 31 Jul 2016


The exhibition investigates current hybrids of biology, technology and art. The exhibition looks at today's brave new world in which genetically...
HYBRID_MATTERs exhibition Kunsthal Grenland
19 Mar — 8 May 2016

Porsgrun, Norway

The detritus from human activity has reached such proportions, both in extent and amount, that there is scarcely a single place Earth that is pure...
Field_Notes – HYBRID MATTERs
14 — 20 Sep 2015

Kilpisjärvi, Biologocal Station of the University of Helsinki

Field_Notes – HYBRID MATTERs is an art&science field laboratory organized by the Finnish Society of Bioart at the Kilpisjarvi Biological...
Making_Life – Seminar
23 May 2015

Urban Workshop, Lasipalatsi, Helsinki

In the seminar, Making_Life participants gave an introduction to synthetic biology and why and how they are interested in engaging with it....
Making-Life III – exhibition
22 — 31 May 2015

Lasipalatsi Näyttely, Helsinki

An exhibtion with artistic responses to synthetic biology The exhibtion Making_Life was the presentation of the artistic prototyping workshop...
Making-Life III – a research platform for art and synthetic biology
17 — 22 May 2015

Bioflia, base for biological arts, Aalto University, Helsinki

Making_Life I (May 2014) introduced the molecular biological foundations of synthetic biology. Making_Life II (November 2014) looked into proto-...
Martin Hanczyc, Public Lecture
27 Nov 2014

The House of Science and Letters, Helsinki, Finland

The lecture was part of Making_Life, a project by the Finnish Society of Bioart in collaboration with Biofilia – Base for Biological Arts – Aalto...
Bio-Commons Workshop
7 — 8 Jun 2014

Vartiosaari, Helsinki, Finland

The Commons consist of any common resource that is available to all, narrowing basically to two: physical resources or man-made. A plenitude of...
Bio-Commons, keynote by Markus Schmidt
6 Jun 2014

Helsinki University, Finland

Dr. Markus Schmidt, founder and team leader of Biofaction in Vienna Austria, gave a keynote lecture on the Bio-Commons as a kick-off for the...
Curie’s Children [glow boys radons daughter]
2 — 5 Jun 2014

Kaupunkiverstas, Helsinki, Finland

The Curie’s Children [glow boys, radon daughters] workshop allowed the uninitiated to easily enter into a physical and intuitive relation to...
Artist Presentation Paul Vanouse
21 May 2014

House of Science and Letters Helsinki, Finland

Vanouse, Professor of Visual Studies at the University at Buffalo, NY, presented works from over two decades of experience working with emerging...
Yeastogram workshop
13 — 15 Dec 2013

Helsinki, Finland

The yeast printing workshop introduced 12 participants to a novel experimental imaging process for creating animations. Living yeast cultures were...
Natural Cryptography for Postcards
6 Dec 2013

Helsinki, Finland

Led by Markus Decker and Peter Wagenhofer Produced in collaboration with Pixelache In his Ars Bioarctica residency Markus Decker investigated...
Deep Time – Deep Futures Symposium
24 October, 2013

Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland

Deep Time / Deep Futures was a symposium on artistic responses to the dichotomy between human time-perception and time in biological,...
Field_Notes Publication
23 Oct 2013

Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland

Field_Notes – From Landscape to Laboratory – Maisemasta Laboratorioon” Publication Edited by Laura Beloff, Erich Berger and Terike Haapoja This...
Field Notes – Deep Time
16 — 22 Sep 2013

Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Kilpisjärvi, Finland

Hosted by Oron Catts, Antero Kare, Leena Valkeapaa, Tere Vaden, Elisabeth Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse “Field_Notes – Deep Time” was a week-long...
Field_Notes residencies
1 — 15 Sep 2013

Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Kilpisjärvi, Finland

The Field_Notes residencies have been research and preparation residencies prior to the “Field_Notes Deep Time” field laboratory. Oron Catts,...
Case Pyhäjoki – Artistic reflections on nuclear influence
1 — 11 Aug 2013

Pyhäjoki, Finland

This trans-disciplinary expedition and production workshop took place in Pyhäjoki, Northern Finland, where the sixth nuclear power plant (NPP) in...
Prima Materia
22 Nov — 13 Dec 2012

Helsinki, Finland

PRIMA MATERIA – 4 artistic positions on ecology Exhibition at Helsinki University Think Corner Participating artists: Laura Beloff (FI), Ursula...
Arctic Perspective
17 Nov — 3 Dec 2012

Kilpisjärvi and Helsinki, Finland

This activity, enabled through a grant by the Canadian Arts Council, had six researchers from the art collective Arctic Perspective visiting...
Ursula Damm public lecture
27 May, 2012

Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland

German artist Ursula Damm presented her recent artistic work and research into synthetic biology. She has become known for her installations...
The Art of Gathering Environmental Data
12 May, 2012

Helsinki, Finland

Under the umbrella “The Art of Gathering Environmental Data” the Finnish Society of Bioart organised a series of events concerned with collecting,...
DoItYourself microscopy and urban micro ecology workshop
18 April, 2012

Helsinki, Finland

This workshop was held by the Finnish Society of Bioart together with Helsinki University Centre for Environment – HENVI, in the context of the...
Stripped Berry Rug
1 Jan — 1 Feb 2012


This work combines the approaches of environmental art and scientific experiment. Planted cuttings of cowberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) and...
Field_Notes – Cultivating Grounds
26 Sep — 2 Oct 2011

Kilpsijärvi Biological Station, Finland

Hosted by Oron Catts, Marta de Menezes, Anu Osva, Tapio Makela and Terike Haapoja “Field_Notes – Cultivating Grounds” was a week-long field...
EPAC - CityBeat
26 Aug — 12 Dec 2011

Lasipalatsi square, Helsinki, Finland / Riga, Latvia

EPAC is the European Public Art Centre. It is a collaborative engagement between organisations across eight European countries, with the aim to...
Weather Tunnel - project
1 Jul — 1 Aug 2011

Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Helsinki and Beijing, China

Ars Bioarctica participated in the project "Weather Tunnel". It was a translocal project envisioned as a participatory, interventionist component...
Arctic Waters Workshop
28 Jun — 3 Jul 2011

Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Finland

Held by Anu Osva (FI) and Laura Forsström (FI) Arctic Waters was a workshop on nature, research and art, directed by an artist and a scientist....
Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea
28 May — 31 Aug 2011

Baltic sea

Until the end of 2010 the Finnish Society of Bioart was the producer of the project Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea, by Capsula for European...
Jens Hauser: Staging Authenticity: Transhistorical Approaches to Biotechnological Art
27 May 2011

Helsinki, Finland

The use of biomedia in art can be characterized by an oscillation between an immediate presence, and a complex hyper-mediated construction of...
Hackteria Workshop
8 — 12 Mar 2011

Suomenlinna, Helsinki

Led by Marc R. Dusseiller (CH) & Andy Gracie (UK) In collaboration with Pixelache Festival This was an experimental maker-workshop with multi...
Art and HENVI
01 January, 2011

Helsinki, Finland

Art&HENVI was organised by the Finnish Society of Bioart in collaboration with the Helsinki University Centre for Environmental Research...
Bio-science and art - student workshop
19 — 26 May 2010

Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Finland

Together with the former Environmental Art Programme at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Prof. Markku Hakuri and Ars...
Art and Technoscience Conference
24 — 25 Mar 2010

Kuvataideacademia, Helsinki, Finland

ART AND TECHNOSCIENCE - Practices in transformation, was a two day conference in collaboration with the University of the Arts, Academy of Fine...
Havahdus seminar
03 October, 2009

House of Sciences, Helsinki

A seminar focusing on the interaction between arts and biology has been one of the important goals for Ars Bioarctica from the beginning. The...
Arctic journey - student workshop
5 — 12 Sep 2009

Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Kilpisjärvi, Finland

Teachers in collaboration: Leena Valkeapää (Aalto University), Anu Osva (Finnish Bioart Society), Tuula Häyrynen (Finnish Bioart Society), Maria...
80+1 Kilpisjärvi project
18 Jun — 31 Jul 2009

Kilpisjärvi, Finland / Linz, Austria

During spring 2009 Ars Bioarctica took part in the international project 80+1 - A Journey Around the World organized by the Ars Electronica Centre...