MAKING_LIFE 2014–2015

Modelling the Payload
posted by sarah on 28 April 2015

This week we finally began to discuss crucial presentation details, such as – what should the payload resemble physically

Our sketches were interspersed with objects that served as visual inspiration. See if you can note the inspirations:

The conversation went back and forth as we debated what we could or should assemble. Andy intervened with a helpful clarification melding feasibility with aspirations:

“We’re looking at building something that holds the labware and houses the electronics. We’re building a lab gear rack, and fashioning the rack to have a space faring aesthetic”

The voyager record/plate presents itself as point of reference for a glyph we could etch to the exterior of our payload, in case some hypothetical sentient species happens across our cosmic ‘cargo cult’ object and wants to deduce what its purpose was.

Georg noted that images are also encoded as audio on the record, incl. drawings of DNA.