MAKING_LIFE 2014–2015

Star Beasts are go
posted by admin on 9 March 2015

The Star Beasts group is officially alive, and made up of group members Georg Tremmel, Stephen Fortune, Markus Schmidt and Andy Gracie. We are using

In simple terms the project is about adapting the circadian rhythms of cyanobacteria to match the cycles of other planets, either in our solar system or exoplanets. On more involved terms we are picking away at a range of intertwined narratives to do with panspermia, generations, directed evolution, astro/exo-biology and synchronicity (etc, etc, etc, etc....).

During these first days we are exchanging initial ideas, suggestions, texts and proposals around bacterial density measurements, sonification, payload design, the relationships between gravity and circadian rhythms, forced evolution versus genetic modification, bat bombs and more.

The Star Beasts fact of the day is that Uranus has a 17.24 hour day.