M/others M*lk

15 Aug 2024 17:00 — 22:00

Location: SOLU

Night of the Arts: M/others M*lk
15 August 2024 at 17:00-22:00
Panimokatu 1 (3rd floor), 00580 Helsinki


The history of human cultures is made up of m/others milks that have shaped and continue to shape our bodies, our communities, our spiritual practices and our ecological worlds in important yet invisible ways. Yet in the present day these practices and lifeways are under threat from industrialised food systems, colonial violence and racial capitalism.

During Night of the Arts, we will use the lens of fermentation techniques from global human-microbial cultures to explore contemporary concerns around production and consumption, in order to ask how we might live more sustainably, relationally and ethically with our food systems in the future. We will taste, listen and ferment these ideas alongside diverse processes of cultured milks (including vegan m*lks made from local grains). There will be presentation on milk fermentation (viili) and discussions relating to milk-use in every full hour.

The evening is hosted by Kaajal Modi.


Kaajal Modi (she/they) is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher working through creative practices that explore how making in collaboration with diverse communities (human, microbial and otherwise) can be a way to open up new speculations on how we might create more resilient climate futures. Their practice is rooted in co-creation, and incorporates fermenting, cooking, image making, live art, sound, video and creative interactions to create lively and situated encounters between people, organisms and ecosystems in ways that invite critical reflection and action.